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Temporary Emergency Residential Resource Institute for Families in Crises (TERRIFIC, Inc.), a 501 C3 nonprofit organization is located in the District of Columbia, established in 1975, is a leading voice and direct service care provider for children, youth, families, adults and seniors in crisis. Notably, TERRIFIC, Inc. is the Regional Senior Services Agency that represents District Wards 1, 2 and 4. TERRIFIC, Inc. plan and deliver direct services to older adults and their families (Meals, Nutrition Education, Health Promotion and Counseling Services, Case Management, Recreation and Socialization Services, etc.). TERRIFIC, Inc.’s goal is for seniors to age in place while living vibrant and active lives.

TERRIFIC, Inc. has received national/international recognition and media coverage for quality services and program prototypes. Its programs have been visited and supported by the late Princess Diana and First Lady Barbara Bush, First ladies Madam Museveni of Uganda and Madam Cherac of France, Countess Albina du Biosvouray, celebrities Patti LaBelle, Sugar Ray Leonard,Vivica Fox, Daryl Green, and many others.

Happy Senior Couple the bio-psychosocial needs of people in crisis

that may impede their access to care, resources, and quality of life.

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The Horse Triumphs in the Rising of the Sun Logo

“The horse knowing freedom lets no obstacle harness its spirit…”

In the midst of trouble, despair, and hopelessness, when all have failed to comfort, aide, and render the necessities in order to carry on and acknowledge self-worth and personhood; there within the depths of one’s own pit of darkness and struggle, one lifts the soul beyond the raging battle of lifelessness on the call of hope.

No one is exempt from the pains and agony of day to day existence. Some appearing to have more battles to fight than others, yet we can all identify with human frailty which allows our defenses to fall and we become a captive in a moment of hopelessness. Such moments of trouble, pain, and despair, if allowed, can take us further and further down that road of lifelessness to stagnation. And yet, while we journey on such roads, our total being cries for freedom. A freedom that will lift the scales of hurt and torment from our backs and lighten our load is a freedom found in hope.

Be as the horse running as the blowing wind. The horse knowing freedom lets no obstacles harness its spirit, not does this horse stand still in darkness to be overtaken by its circumstances. The horse rides the winds of freedom, living each day to its fullest in strength and dignity with a certainty it is going to live. Its character understands self-worth in all situations, allowing itself never to be denied. Such a horse goes forth boastfully with a magnitude of pride wherever its roads lead. Its coat like the finest silk radiates a priceless virtue that is a beautiful creation of the universe. Tarnished by no guilt, this horse measures itself with no other being. Yet, it seeks to challenged life in peace and harmony; the mountains it climbs, the plains it runs, the deserts it crosses are but mere hurdles that will be mastered.


And with the rising sun comes triumph. For in the warmth and jubilant dancing of the life giving light coming over the hills, the horse knows a hope that sustains it existence. That horse cried out, giving thanks for another day to do battle for life. Let all that is within us know that with every new sunrise, we can be as the horse and live in spirt of all odds. These inscriptions to embrace the definition of the logo for TERRIFIC, Inc.

In the ideals, goals, and aspirations, of this organization, TERRIFIC, Inc. stands in strength, to be a light to the hopeless. For TERRIFIC, Inc. ascertains that in spite of all, a new sunrise encourages a hope for all to get up and live.

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